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City Light offers up to a $10 instant discount on select Energy Star qualified LED light bulbs and fixtures. LEDs are high in lifespan and low in energy consumption, but they cost more than most other types of lamps. The discounts, combined with falling prices in general, are expected to help to speed the adoption […]

LED holiday lights

When one goes out, they all go out, right? With light-emitting diodes (LEDs), this is not the case. Why are LED holiday lights better than traditional bulbs? • LED holiday lights last longer than traditional lights. In fact, they have an operational life span of about 20,000 hours, enough to last for 40 holiday seasons. […]

By KATHERINE TWEED General Electric Lighting, a division of General Electric (GE), has signed an agreement to acquire the Boulder startup Albeo Technologies. The purchase will help GE boost its ability to offer all-LED solutions to customers, especially in the area of industrial lighting. “This acquisition is a big boost for GE customers moving aggressively […]


The nearside of the Moon will never resemble your Granddad’s back forty, but agriculture remains the key to living and working off-world.  All the mineral ore in the solar system can’t counter the fact that for extended periods on the Moon or Mars, future off-worlders will need bio-regenerative systems in order to prosper. Here on […]

Osram Sylvania LED

By MATTHEW L. WALD As the phaseout of incandescent bulbs takes effect, more efficient substitutes are coming to market. Osram Sylvania has announced that it is now selling a light-emitting-diode bulb that emits light equivalent to a 100-watt incandescent. While 100-watt-equivalent L.E.D. spotlights have already been introduced, this is apparently the first bulb-shaped omnidirectional light […]

Would you pay $16.99 for a light bulb? What if you knew it was designed to last almost 23 years based on three hours of use a day? And had a 10-year warranty? An LED, or light-emitting diode, light bulb started selling in more than 1,000 Best Buy stores last week that’s made to look […]

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Two years after it began phasing out incandescent bulbs, Swedish retailer Ikea announced Monday it is taking another step and planning to sell only energy-efficient LED lighting by 2016. Ikea believes the shift to the longer-lasting bulbs will help set an environmentally friendly example in the industry and also save the company […]

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This guest post was written by  Tom Pincince, chief executive of Digital Lumens, a Boston-based lighting systems company.  By Tom Pincince Smart investors know that, often, the biggest growth opportunities are the ones you can’t invest in – yet. New technologies typically have the most potential for growth when they are still under development or in […]

The Samsung 75ES9000, a 75-inch LED HDTV, will begin selling Thursday afternoon at a Santa Monica store and from other locations starting next week. (Santa Monica Video & Audio Center)

Samsung will begin selling its newest flagship television, a 75-inch LED HDTV, Thursday afternoon. The Samsung LED 9000 places emphasis on delivering an excellent image despite its larger size while also focusing on design. Though the TV is one of the largest available, it’s less than 1.4 inches thick, and its bezel — or frame […]

(PhysOrg.com) — For the first time, researchers have demonstrated that an LED can emit more optical power than the electrical power it consumes. Although scientifically intriguing, the results won’t immediately result in ultra-efficient commercial LEDs since the demonstration works only for LEDs with very low input power that produce very small amounts of light. The […]